JEDDAH+acumen Chapter Launch & Recruitment Event

JEDDAH+acumen Chapter Launch & Recruitment Event

Event Details

On March the 13th, 2013 the JEDDAH+acumen chapter has been launched and a call to action has been made.

The invitation that was sent out read: “If you think you are a change agent in your field, then we highly encourage you to join us!

We are JEDDAH+acumen, part of Acumen Fund. We are striving to alleviate poverty. Our dream is to live in a World Beyond Poverty.

To learn about how you can change the world, attend the JEDDAH+acumen Recruiting event on March 13th.”

To our delight, all the seats were full with people eager to join!.

Even more so, we were happy to see attendees from so many different parts of the earth.

After successfully launching our chapter, our next step is to continue to conduct additional recruitment workshops at different university and schools.

We look forward to an eventful year ahead!